Dog description

HEAD: skull flat, suitable gap between the ears.
FACIAL: black nose, medium length, strong jaw, correct scissor bite.
EYES: fairly small, dark, express temperament
EARS: V-shaped, not too thin and set high enough, worn on
NECK: medium length and thickness
CHEST: a short and strong back, has a deep and wide breast
TAIL: Well set, worn upright
LEGS: straight and muscular, and heavy, strong bones
COAT: wire, strong
COLOR: black and charms are the most desirable combination of either dark gray and charms, without black beams on the toes

Welsh terrier, FCI Standard - Group 3

The breed originated from Great Britain, from North Wales, and dogs were originally used in the 18th century for hunting rats, badgers, otters and foxes. The breed is widespread in the UK, even more towards North America.
With us, this breed is very rare, but it is becoming more and more popular.

Welsh Terrier is a happy, loving, playful, curious, brave, active, attentive and intelligent dog. They are good watchmen, as they always draw attention to the events around their home with barking.